PTCA balloon cathter

PTCA balloon cathter


The element currently demanded for PCI has been included in a balanced manner.

The product is capable of being used widely from pre- and post-operation of PTCA. The tip profile is worth special mention because the smallest tip size was achieved within its class compared to competitor products with the same concept.

*Jadeite is another name for jade. It is associated with concepts such as “long life, health, fertility, life, regeneration”. Jadeite has been used in Japan as magatama (a type of jewelry) from ancient times and was regarded as a precious stone, used for amulets to ward off evil and bring good fortune.

Characteristics of JADEITE

  1. For post Dilation
    Jadeite is equipped with low compliance balloon at RBP 20 atm, with low susceptibility to change in shape. It is optimal for stent post dilation.
  2. Ultla Low Profile
    Utilization of our unique balloon coiling technology has achieved the smallest wrapping profile in its class in comparison to competitors.
  3. Excellent Crossability and Recrossability
    Distal section of the catheter has been coated with hydrophilic coating with excellent crossing properties.
    Recrossability was improved by adjustment of the balloon tapering angle to the optimal angle, as well as the adoption of our unique balloon folding technology.
  4. Flexible Tip
    Highly flexible material used for the tip was extended inside the balloon to realize high level tracking of the guide wire.

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