Guidewires and other related products

Guidewires and other related products

Argon Spring Guide Wire
Produced by Argon Medical Devices Inc. (U.S.A.)

  1. Movable core guide wires have a Teflon coating (SLIP-CORE) for smoother sliding.
  2. Safety ribbon maintains flexibility and the shape of the guide wire at the same time.
  3. Special coil winding method achieves smoothness on the surface, minimizing the risk of microthrombosis.
  4. Excellent Teflon coating technology ensures an even higher level of smoothness.
  5. J-tip has high flexibility, shape memory, and strength.

Argon spring guide wire

CS Guide Wire
Produced by Silux K.K.

Angiographic guide wire with nuru-coating.

  1. Work hardened Ni-Ti is used in the core.
    Excellent elastic strain property contributes to stable operability.
  2. Round tip used at the tip of guide wire.
    This minimizes any damage to the blood vessel and improves visibility under X-ray.
  3. Unique coating technology is applied.
    Frictional resistance inside the catheter has been reduced, improving passage and smoothness in sliding.

CS guide wire

Disposable Angio Drape
Produced by Argon Medical Devices Inc.(U.S.A.)

  1. High performance absorbent pad
    Highly absorbent pad keeps the area dry by absorbing blood and saline solution during the operation.
  2. Fenestration area with adhesive sticker
    Adhesive seal on fenestration area may be attached and fixed to the surgical area to prevent the blood from entering the drape.
  3. Hydrophobic sheet
    The sheet is highly hydrophobic, which prevents infection by passage of blood. The sheet is made of material with a smooth, pleasant texture, which does not readily cause discomfort when touched directly.
    *Characteristics of Sontara material
  4. Transparent film for operation panel
    We prepared a drape with transparent film to enable clean functioning of the operation panel. Drapes can be selected to fit the operation of the catheter table.

Disposable drape

Jawz, Endomyocardial Biopsy Forceps
Produced by Argon Medical Devices Inc.(U.S.A.)

Disposable Endomyocardial Biopsy Forceps

  1. Rotating thumb and finger rings to enable handling at various angles.
  2. Sharp cutting edge that cuts the tissues off cleanly.
  3. Wide cutting cup with 35% more samples obtained compared to the previous products.
  4. Highly safe stainless coil body with higher tensile strength.
  5. Formable type stainless body that can be formed into any shape.

Myocardial biopsy forceps for [Jaws]

Carbon dioxide injection device—Gastar
Produced by Asahi Gauge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Gastar is a device developed to use small amounts of carbon dioxide gas with easy operation

  1. Easy operation
    The required amount of carbon dioxide can be obtained easily to suit the purpose of use.
  2. Safe and reliable
    There is a function to maintain the pressure of carbon dioxide discharge at a constant level, so that the gas will not be discharged at high pressure. Also, the use of a filter will remove impurities with a particle size of at least 0.2 μ.
  3. Small and lightweight
    The device can be carried easily and stored anywhere.

Carbon gas injector [Gaster]