Optilia Video Capillaroscope & Dermatoscope


Optilia Video Capillaroscope : for examination of microcirculation
State of the art on Nailfold Capillaroscopy

Nailfold Capillaroscopy is a non-invasive and safe method for morphologic examination and analysis of microcirculation abnormalities related to rheumatic disease. Capillaroscopy is increasingly recognised as an important tool to assist in the diagnosis of diseases such as primary or secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon, systemic sclerosis, Systemic lupus erythematosus, mixed connective tissue disease, vasculitis or other disorders.

Optilia video Capillaroscopy systems are state-of-the-art light weight and portable digital microscopes with specialized user-friendly software for facilitating evaluation of microcirculation in daily practice.


CapillaroscopeWide range of lenses and accessories Optilia Capillaroscopy microscopes are equipped with high resolution 200x and 100x magnification lenses, integrated light and exchangeable immersion oil contact and noncontact adapters. These precision lenses reveal the capillaries for visual examination of giant capillaries, avascular areas, micro- haemorrhages, ramification etc.

Dermatoscope: Making early detection easier

Dermatoscope Optilia dermatoscope is a hand-held, state-of-the-art video dermatoscopy system with advanced optics, userfriendly interface and sophisticated database software. The system is equipped with three exchangeable optical lenses producing 5 different magnifications from 20x to200x to suit any examination. The optical system has polarized light source to cancel out reflections from the skin surface and make subsurface features visible without the use of any liquid interface. Optilia dermatoscope can be used to image lesions to 30 mm fields of view on all areas of skin.
The system is very easy to use and provides sharp and detailed images with accurate color representation.
Patients’ data is encrypted in a secure data base and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.