Surgical mobile C-arms : Cios Alpha iV

Cios Alpha iV

Cios Alpha iV is Siemens' multipurpose high-end mobile surgical C-arm with Full View FD technology ideally suited for vascular surgery. Its unique Full View FD technology gives you outstanding image quality at very low dose.

Cios Alpha iV, Features

  1. Full View FD technology
    The 30 cm x 30 cm (12" x 12"), 1.5 k x 1.5 k flat detector provides a large field of view and distortion-free imaging with higher dynamic range for greater detail. Its smart collimation system provides up to 25% more image coverage even when rotated.
  2. 25 kW high power generator
    One of the most powerful mobile C-arm generators available, for very high penetration and clear, detailed images. Its Energy Storage Unit (ESU) triples the mean power that can be applied.
  3. Active cooling system
    Coupled with intelligent power management, it protects Cios Alpha against overheating. This allows you to perform a wide range of long-lasting procedures conveniently and without image quality degradation, even on obese patients.
  4. Less effort, more precision
    Motorization package, single-touch positioning and electromagnetic brakes for precise, effortless operation.
  5. Complete flexibility and control
    Operate Cios Alpha from its touch screen user interface (UI) on the monitor cart, from the table-side remote UI, or from the C-arm UI.